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My name is Gary Darrar. I entered the photography field in 1983. I am self taught and have worked in various types of photography until 1990 when I started to concentrate my skills on photographing people (mainly women). At this time I also opened my first studio in a second floor 700 square foot office space in the main business district of Linden, NJ and converted it to fit my needs. After successfully building up the business and gaining much notoriety for my work in glamour and fashion I needed much more studio space to expand the business further. In 1997 

I moved the studio into a 2800 square foot first floor store front only two blocks away from the original studio and continued to expand on a very successful career. I have always worked alone, I believe in giving my clients the quality they expect by seeing every part of the job through personally. I have become rather well known and noted by many in the modeling and photography industry for my lighting and studio effects and being able to accomplish a wide range of shooting styles. I have been published internationally as well as nationally in many various types of publications with subjects such as erotica, fashion, glamour, classic cars and photographic techniques and lighting. My work can also be found on numerous web sites. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

35+ years experience

My work has been published Nationally and Internationally. Some of My clients

and published work include: UjENA Swimwear, Exxon Corp., Pfizer, Cleveland Hair Clinic, Carnival Creations, Puig Medical, East Coast Pageants, The Americas Publication, New Image Productions, The Ad House, Bekins Van Lines, The Teamsters, American Swimwear, PTN Publishing Co., Howmark Publishing Corp., Swimwear Illustrated, Woman's Physique World Magazine, Bikini TV, Art-Graphic Impressions, Turn Up The Music, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Corbett Exterminating, UNUM Corp, NJMRA, Elgee Manufacturing, Merck, Peach Boutiques, DS2k, White/GMC, After Hours Magazine, Brooks Int. Classic Auto Auctions, Nexworld Records, Nupetrupe Record Prod., Quintet Publishing, Salute Magazine (centerfolds), Erotica (Pro-Lighting book), Lighting the Nude (Pro-Lighting book), Roger Corman-New World Pictures-DVD movie cover, Bacardi, Budweiser. 

                                                   Lighting the Nude 

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Internationally Published

Gary Darrar, Linden, NJ

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This page is only to show my past work as a pro photographer, I have retired from doing photography and not for hire.